Anti Ageing – Three Phase Plan by Matt Kendrick

I have recently returned from a month long trip to the USA and Canada where I was very fortunate to study on a one to one basis with world renowned anti-ageing and nutrition expert Dr Michael Colgan. My next three articles will be designed to help you take charge and to give advice on making valued changes in your battle against premature ageing.

We are blissfully unaware that we are recycled from a mix of ancient elements that have been used over and over for countless millennia. Our bodies have learnt, over four million years of human evolution to convert natural chemicals of the Earth called “nutrients”, into muscles, bones, glands, organs and brain.

I think all of us given the choice would like to age nice and slowly, to look and feel great as the years go by,the envy of our friends desperate to know the secret.
People think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on expensive creams and solutions with the promise of reducing lines and wrinkles. Botox and other cosmetic treatments have in the last few years, increased in popularity. But in actual fact, only when we realize it is what we put inside us that shows on the outside, will we find the youthfulness we crave.

So how do we age?

Oxidation is the process by which we age, just as an apple browns, steel rusts or meat rots. It is caused by destructive “free” radicals that damage everything they touch. Ultra-violet light ages and decays your eyes and skin, air pollutants damage lungs, man-made drugs and chemicals tear cells apart, all by oxidation. It is the main mechanism underlying many cancers and cardiovascular disease.

How do we fight it?

Antioxidants are the answer in our free radical fight, shown to prevent cancer, protect your heart, inhibit diabetes and boost immunity. The National Cancer Institute recommends eating fruit and vegetables as a cancer preventative, because they contain the antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene. It is important that we eat a diet enriched with these antioxidants i.e. vegetables and fruits alongside healthy lean protein and essential fatty acids found in fish and flax oil. Unfortunately we have no idea just how much of these essential vitamins and minerals are contained in even organic produce, so it is vital we supplement our diet with a good multi vitamin and mineral.

When it comes to food, the answer is in our history. We have not changed significantly in the past 10,000 years and yet we have altered what we
eat beyond recognition. We need to understand modern processed food, pesticides and fertilizers and a nutrient deficient diet are huge factors in disease and speed up the aging process

Below I list our top tips to help you in the quest for long, healthy and youthful living:

  • Eat organic unprocessed food
  • Take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement
  • Take an essential fatty acid supplement (fish or flax oil)
  • Drink water – 0.033 x bodyweight in kg
  • Exercise – featured in the next issue



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