Anti-Ageing – Three Phase Plan (Part 3)


The third and final part of our anti ageing plan is focused on our most precious of all possessions, the brain. It is the most active organ in the body and just as muscle will waste if not used and nourished well, so will brain function fail if not nourished adequately and regularly. Recent research has shown the stress of modern life damages the brain of almost all healthy people, this starts to show at about age 35, as measurable declines in cognition. Progression of this damage over decades emerges eventually as neurodegenerative disease, especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Progressive loss of intelligence and memory, balance, skilled movement and organ function ultimately lead to death. We should act now while there is still time to prevent it. If you want to keep your brain healthy you have to learn to protect yourself. In any individual the dominant symptons at time of diagnosis depend on two facts, the genetic make up of the individuals brain and the particular trauma and toxins the brain has suffered during life.

The genes of some people make the hypo campus, the memory processing area the most vulnerable. As the person ages, it becomes the most damaged area, resulting in profound loss of short term memory and a usual diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. In others the dopamine/releasing cells in the substantia nigra become most damaged, leading to tremor and loss of voluntary movement and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. A dominant cause of the brain damage of usual ageing is free radical injury to the mitochondria that provide energy to your cells. It is this free radical damage that means the average 60 year old produces only half the energy of a 20 year old. In addition, free radicals cause fats and proteins in brain cells to go rancid, setting up a state of chronic inflammation, which gradually destroys your joints, organs, and especially your brain. Now referred to as the CHAOS complex, chronic inflammation is known to underlie cerebrovascular disease ( C ), hypertension ( H ), adult-onset diabetes (A ), osteoporosis ( O ), and stroke ( S ). Colon cancer and Alzheimer’s have just been added to the CHAOS list.

Unlike the rest of our body, the brain has no receptors for pain. Brain inflammation is a silent killer, destroying cognition and erasing memory. A common theme has run through all three of my articles on anti ageing. We are living in a blissfully ignorant state of a poor, processed, nutrient deficient diet, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, leading to increased free radical damage, chronic inflammation and acceleration of ageing. I have given you the facts and hopefully the motivation to act now, before it is too late, to reduce your body age beyond what you ever thought was possible and gain fitness, health and vitality as the years pass by.

Here are some anti-inflammatories to prevent brain inflammation:
Cinnamon 1.0 – 3.0 grams
Ginger 400 – 800 mg
Cloves (powdered) 1.0 – 2.0 grams
Cayenne 250 – 500 mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (fish oil) 500 – 1000 mg your brain – Dr Michael Colgan

Wednesday 4th November saw the launch of MK Lifefit, a ground breaking age regeneration clinic, within David Lloyd Fitness Club, Solihull. The vision of Director Matt Kendrick, who recently returned from a lengthy trip to the USA where he worked alongside one of the
world’s top scientist in the fields of anti aging and disease prevention.

MK Lifefit brings together a host of experts from different fields, all working together with the sole focus on patient/client care. BMI Priory Physiotherapy have partnered alongside MK to offer private healthcare treatment to patients living in Solihull and the surrounding areas. Also on hand, Aston Villa Doctor, Peter Giddings for health screening, supported by wife Simone, who will offer weight management, travel advice
and immunisation and lifestyle change.

Podiatrist Mark Gallagher of both Priory and Nuffield, brings a vast experience of both acute and chronic joint and tissue problems of the foot and ankle. A trainer fitting and discount service will also be available. Motivational counsellor, Pam Hurley, offers help with both mental and physical conditions, including depression, eating disorders and anxiety.

Harley Street Physician, Dinesh Dhunna, will offer a range of cosmetic treatments and will be supported by Elizabeth Winsper Beauty, whose treatments include facials, massage, waxing, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures and reflexology.

MK Personal Training Academy will be on hand to provide nutritional assessments, posture and muscle balance evaluation and personal one to one/group exercise programs.


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