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Dynamic Pilates

mk-gliderHeart pumping,

muscle toning,

total body shaping.

On a bed.

‘MK Health Hub provides one of the most cutting edge Pilates programs in the country. Introducing Dynamic Pilates.

rg-dynamic-pilatesOur experts have created a hugely effective and intense 55 minute workout that sculpts and tones the body in a way other exercises simply can’t. With a continuous emphasis on core muscles and traditional principles, our reformer routines provide a total body workout in a fun and high energy format.

Unlike most gyms and fitness centres, we have state-of-the-art pilates equipment which enhances the effectiveness and enjoyment of our classes. For example, our Allergo II Reformers, shipped from the US, have been specifically designed to deliver an unlimited range of Pilates movements to work every single area of the body.

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Ballet Barre Pilates Fusion

Our unique fusion of ballet barre and Pilates

HB-barreThis class will see you breath, squeeze and pulse your way through some of your favourite Pilates moves. Bend, flex and stretch your way to a long, lean body with exercises at the Barre and improve your stamina, coordination and confidence as you work your way through a choreographed dance routine.


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Pilates Parties

Pilates Parties!

Be it a birthday, hen party, or any special occasion, let MK Health Hub throw a party for you and up to 7 friends!

The MK team will take care of all the details for you, so that you can just show up and begin your festivities on a healthy note!

MK Health Hub will tailor you a one hour Dynamic Pilates session specifically to your needs or the needs of your guests.

We will supply one of our world class coaches to guide you through a core crunching, booty burning and sweat dripping experience.

You can even request a music genre that’s played while you work out!

We provide workout towels followed by a delicious healthy boxed lunch, a juice of your choice and a protein ball!

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