Get from Fat to Flat – by Matt Kendrick

10 fattoflat


The choice really is yours. Guys it is time to give up on the idea that a beer belly and man boobs are the norm and that the toned gym body is for those “metrosexual” types.

Very often men tend to think very black and white when it comes to health and fitness. Many men place far greater importance on income or material status than on the state of their own health. A healthy body is driven by a healthy mind which drives and motivates us. We are made or unmade by ourselves, mindset needs to change from the typical ‘laddish’ drinking culture, to that of a balanced, healthy focused lifestyle driven by desire. The rewards will follow.

Controlled exercise (resistance and aerobic activity) helps to compensate for sedentary living. Fitness is not a trend or a fad for that ‘poser in a tight top’, it is an absolute necessity to life extension and personal health. To be effective, exercise must be part of your regular routine to develop muscle endurance, strength, heart and lung capacity and joint flexibility.

Many guys generally don’t tend to think too much about what they eat but just follow their caveman survival instincts of eating whatever they can get their hands on when hungry. Well, why not try to eat a little more like our caveman ancestors did, think about it, they survived mainly on meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and veg. The ‘Paleolithic’ approach to nutrition is not far off where we want to be, not the sugar loaded, processed junk slowly expanding the waist and bra line!

So are you healthy? Do you look and feel good? Are you stressed out, tired , addicted to sugar or a regular drinker? I have seen first hand that
changing diet or starting a new gym routine is not enough, change of thinking to be the very best we can be, physically as well as mentally is essential.

So come on guys let’s get fit!!!


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