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Firstly, let me begin by saying how excited I am to be writing for the Touchbase team. Over the coming issues I would like to reach out to as many of you as possible with health, fitness and lifestyle advice….I am here as your coach.

I founded MK Personal Training Academy in 2001 with the mission to redefine personal fitness, combining all aspects of health and well being with the very best expertise in both, adult and children’s fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy and Pilates.

We now look after the health and fitness of over 400 weekly clients with ages varying from 6 years up to 86 years. We find peoples needs vary greatly from fat loss, to anti-aging, running a marathon, improving at golf or getting ready for their forthcoming wedding.

What we all want at the end of it is to simply look and feel better and believe me, nothing is more powerful to achieve this than food and exercise. However this simple concept is far harder in reality.
This is due to constant contradictions on what is healthy eating making people more confused than ever, and it is for these reasons why I decided to write a book. I felt that people generally viewed healthy food as tasteless and boring, so I contacted a friend of mine, Gareth Cole, who at the time was Head Chef of the Crabmill at Claverdon, known for its tasty dishes!! I thought, if I could, through my nutritional knowledge, show him the right foods for burning excess fat and keeping the body healthy and if he could make it taste fantastic, then surely we were onto a winner.

What transpired was MK Lifefit, a 12 week plan to completely transform your body and mind, and teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

I would like to start our journey together with some very basic changes that you can implement immediately, some of you may do so already.
Without doubt the most important advice of all I can give you is to drink water. I will tell you how much you need shortly but firstly let me tell you why. ➜

Two thirds of what we weigh is water. We can live for weeks without food, but only a few days without water, as it keeps all functions of the body working. Always try to drink water at regular intervals through the day and have a bottle with you, as a rule try a glass every hour or so. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and do not realize, it can be the cause of symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, tiredness etc.

Here’s how to find out just how much you need – 0.033 x body weight in kg – will give your total daily amount. If you increase your water consumption you will notice how much better you feel.

The next simple but powerful change for you to implement is to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Aim for every 3-4 hours which will help your metabolism speed up due to the thermic effect of food. How great is that! Eating more often can actually help you burn off stubborn body fat.

Remember, what you eat here is key, so real food not sugary snacks. Try to eat some protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts) at every meal or snack as this will help keep your blood sugar levels stable and give you a steady supply of energy. The MK Lifefit book will show you how to make delicious protein based snacks that taste great without all the hidden sugars and bad fats.

When we are talking health then we must talk exercise, all too often people neglect to combine the two.
We find most people are struggling to get the results they want and find the harder they work the more frustrated they get, sound familiar?.
When people are trying to lose weight and shape up they focus on calorie burning and aerobic exercise but to burn fat they should lift weights first followed by short intense bursts of c.v. (eg: bike or running)

Jackie’s Story

Jackie came to see us just after giving birth to her second child and feeling the need to shed the excess baby weight. We set about strengthening the deep tummy muscles and posture muscles to help with busy motherhood, whilst the combination of regular eating of the right foods and effective fat loss training did the rest.

Jackies started at 12 weeks later
Weight 154 lbs 140 lbs
Body fat 25.5% 21%
Waist 33 inches 29 inches

“After my second pregnancy, though overjoyed, I felt fat and exhausted! I was recommended to MK Personal Training Academy through a friend and when Matt told me what was possible I didn’t believe him! Exercise and proper nutrition are now just part of my life but that still enables me ‘cheat time’ for pure indulgence. I am now in the very best shape of my life, in my thirties with three children.”
Jackie Smith


“It is absolutely insane not to be a health nut” – Michael Murray MD

Such a true statement. You see without good health, nothing else really matters. Family, children and all possessions that we work so hard for are lost without health.

I simply cannot understand why we would spend all our time working and striving for wealth, when, if we don’t take care of our physical, mental and emotional health, how can we enjoy it?

Perhaps now is the perfect time for us to reflect, take stock and truly tackle those New Year Resolutions.

I think what most of us struggle with is the reality of how it works, our intentions maybe good but without proper guidance and a reliable strategy we fail.

In my last article I talked about the importance of both whole food nutrition and exercise together. If you want to stay in good shape for life, then you must follow a program that keeps your basal metabolic rate (BMR – the amount of calories you burn at rest) up.
Sitting for long periods will sabotage your fat burning potential.
Your thyroid will adapt by adjusting your internal thermostat and turn you into a fat storing machine, add in too many carbohydrates and is it any wonder why obesity is soaring.

After age 20, you start to lose vibrant, fat burning muscle and as strength, stamina and bone density decrease, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides increase.

We are meant to move, until relatively recently in our history, if we didn’t farm, fish, hunt or gather then we didn’t eat. Today our food is chemically produced, highly processed, with added salt and sugar and made purely for our convenience.

Functional exercise is absolutely vital to health and longevity of life, to compensate for the sedentary effects of modern living. This does not mean going for a walk, playing golf, gardening or any sport. These examples of physical activity are great in addition to a program developing muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular health and flexibility which alongside optimum nutrition will reduce body fat, improve stress levels and increase resistance to disease and infection. You will also improve at your sport!

As a reader of Touchbase you can become a complimentary member of our website to start training and eating the right way. So what are you waiting for?

Simon’s Story

Simon joined MK Personal Training Academy as a regular exerciser who found the harder he worked the more frustrated with lack of results he became. Sounds like the majority of gym users. We set about building the nutrition principles alongside structured resistance training and wow!… What a difference. Three month’s ago, I was typical of most people in a sedentary job, overweight and out of condition. Since then, by simply following the advice of MK, I have transformed my body, my posture, my energy levels and emotional well being. I still have goals to achieve, but know exactly what I need to do to get there. For me, the MK programme has given me a lot more than the ‘normal’ exercise and diet regime, it’s taught me how to live my life in a healthier way.”

Date 07/01/08 30/04/08
Weight 13st 6lbs 11st 12lbs
Body Fat 25.3 % 19%
Waist 39.5 ins 35 ins


MK Fitness Book Launch

Matt Kendrick, owner of MK Fitness invited customers and local celebrities to the launch of his book at David Lloyd Health Centre in Solihull.
Jasper Carrot who has written the foreward for the book was joined by Dougie Brown, Tony Iommi, Bev Bevan and Alvin Loy to celebrate it’s launch.

Matt has spent many years in fitness and has decided to write a book giving advice on fitness, health, diet and nutrition.
The book includes an easy to follow fitness regime for all those wanting to achieve peak fitness.


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