Becoming a Personal Trainer Pays Well… But Only If You Build Your Business The RIGHT Way.
Hi, Matt Kendrick here,  I’m the founder of MK Training Hub - an organisation that helps people like you create successful Personal Training businesses Just like this one:

And if there’s one thing I’ve seen during my 20 years in the fitness industry, it’s that most personal trainers don’t last long. 

In fact, after qualifying, 80% of personal trainers end up leaving the industry altogether in the first 6 months… 

And in almost all cases, this is down to a lack of clients. 
I started my business, like most of you, on the gym floor of a large chain, competing with others who were more established and following some cringe worthy pattern of ‘walking the floor’ chatting to people who know what I am doing and want to be left alone to exercise!
I’ve learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

There are many Certified Level 3 Personal Training courses out there.

Every single one of them teaches the standard curriculum to become a qualified Personal Trainer. Most of them offer full time, weekends, even online options. Qualify online??!! 


Once qualified these new trainers join the industry, often within one of the national gym chains. 

Within 6 months up to 80% have dropped out of the industry!!. 

We will teach the skills to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

At MK Training Hub, we teach you the standard curriculum to become qualified and insured. THEN we will teach you everything else. the stuff you really NEED to know. We are there every day thereafter to make sure you are one of the 20%.

What is the difference between the few stand out successful Personal Trainers and all of the rest (average earning £19,500)?

Yes, you need to be great technically. 

We will teach you this. 

We don’t offer CPD’s in boxing pad work, kettle bells, suspension training, group HIT etc... because we believe this is standard knowledge and teach it you as part of the course.

Most important - you need to be great at communicating your message, earning trust, establishing authority and client buy in. This comes from Communication & Process.
We will make you great communicators.

  - We will teach you the Process of running your business.

  - Are you seriously interested in accelerating your business to the next level?

  - If you want to start your own Personal Training business…

  - And, if you want to make sure you attract clients from day one…

Then I’d like to introduce you to…
MK's Certified Level III Personal Training
& Coaching  Course
Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Become a Successful Personal Trainer (with a successful, profitable personal training business!)

Unlike most programs around today, our course teaches you technical AND business skills…

So you don’t just know how to actually train your clients… you know how to find them and manage them, different skills in and of themselves!

Let me show you a “sneak peak” at what’s inside…
Technical Skills
In order to run a successful PT business, you need to know the ins and outs of the human body…

And that’s why the MK Training Hub Certified Level 3 Course covers everything, from metabolic rates, advanced fat loss, nutrition, workout plans, and much more. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn...
  • How to design programs that get results. FAST!
    You’ll discover how to create tailored plans for your clients, that result in optimal fat loss, lean muscle tissue, maximum strength and elite performance… all in minimum time. Your client wants results quickly, together we will deliver those?
  • The RIGHT way to approach nutrition
    It might sound ‘basic’... but knowing the ins and outs of macronutrients and micronutrients is crucial to being able to give your clients meal and workout plans that show visible results
  • Success Through Measured Results
    Discover how to measure and analyse your client’s results using cutting edge technologies, so you are seen as the Authority in Room, the go-to Personal Trainer in the areas of health, fat loss, performance, nutrition and so much more...
  • The EASY Way To Assess New Clients!
    You’ll learn how to detect poor posture, muscle imbalances, and negative-alignment in your clients… allowing you to train your clients the right way…
  • And much, much more.
Business Skills
You could be the best personal trainer in the world, but if you’re not actively attracting new clients to your business, you won’t earn any money!

That’s why we show you exactly how to market yourself and your business…
how to find paying clients who stay with you… and how to promote your business the RIGHT way, online.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the business section of the course...

  • Proven Strategies To Drive New Clients To Your Business!
    No clue when it comes to MARKETING? No Problem, just following these techniques, and you’ll be getting more calls than you can handle!
  • How to develop your core services and products! 
    PLUS: Discover how to “niche-in”, to create additional revenue streams.
  • Sales techniques that work.
    Learn the natural and simple way to close clients without coming across like a desperate used car salesman!
  • Effective Social Media Marketing:
    We all use Facebook… and you’ll discover how to use it and other platforms (social, email, search) to promote your business and get clients! The clients are out there, we will show you how to find them and how to talk to them.
  • Financial and Business Management.
    Accounting… planning for the future… forecasting annual, quarterly and monthly turnover… we will show you exactly how to stay on top of your business, and deal with the ‘nitty gritty’ in the right way…
Sound Like Something You’d Be Interested In?
Taking that first step is usually the hardest. 

So let's make it real SIMPLE...

It's Rachael - she's the one! 

She can help you start your new life!

Next Course starts May 14th

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Here’s What Some Successful PT’s 
Have To Say About Our Certification Course...
I have been a self employed Personal trainer for a number of years working in a major health club. 

I got into the industry because I love training and figured it would be great to get paid for helping people and doing what I love. In truth, I stuck with it because of my passion, because the money wasn’t great at all. 

Week to week I would never really know what I was earning, clients would go away or leave and I would end up struggling to pay for my car or go out.

I had decided it was time to change career when I read an article about the problems with Personal Training!. 

Everything I read, was me!!. No money, no security of income, no business, sales or life plan.

I had been working and living week to week for two years!.

The ad was written by Matt Kendrick and I contacted him. I immediately felt like I was finally talking to someone who understood, who had been there.

Matt explained that the reason I was struggling was not my fault. That I had simply not been taught the skills needed to succeed in an unforgiving industry.

I started coaching with Matt and his team and my life changed instantly. By implementing the systems they told me to I was inundated with client enquiries, had proper structure that gave me time off and earn’t more money in my second month than the previous six!!.

18 months on and I now have a proper business that allows me to take 5 weeks holiday, own my house and have two days off per week. 

All of my income is automated and contracted ahead and I have never been happier.

Get certified and coached with these guys. It will change your life!
Tom Baker

Next Course starts May 14th

Call - 07771967797

About MK Training Hub
Here at MK Training Hub, we show you exactly how to find, and keep clients… so you can enjoy a lucrative, financially-successful career.

We’ve all built successful fitness businesses, so we know what we’re doing - and we’ll take you by the hand and show you - step-by-step - how to not just start your PT business… 

But how to grow, and scale it too!

Now, there’s an important decision to be made …

You could, for example, choose to do nothing … and deny yourself the opportunity to learn how to turn your passion and dream of a career in fitness into a financial joy instead of a burden.

Good luck!

Matt Kendrick

p.s. I’m here to help.

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