Baz discovered his passion for exercise when just 16, way back in 1987!  A time when broad shoulders were only achieved by pads in your jackets. (Miami Vice style!)

In his 12 years at MK, Baz has seen many exercise trends come and go (including unitards) but has always put function and results at the top of his list.

Favourite exercise / Best move: Walking Lunges

Best Start to the day: Porridge

Favourite shake: All day Brekkie

Most important supplement: Whey protein

Theme tune: Needing you – David Morales

Movie Inspiration: 300 (without the spray on abs)

A book to move you: Jaws – nothing moves you faster than being chased by a 25ft great white shark!

Motto: Dont worry, be happy

In your words – Why MK?: No other team out there has the drive, the passion or the tools to get you where you want to be.