From a very young age, Chris has had a keen interest in sports. He found himself wanting to know as much as possible with regards to how the body can perform at it’s best! For the last 17 years Chris has been working in the industry, learning from as many experts in the sport, fitness and nutrition world as possible – he brings a wealth of knowledge to the MK coaching team!

Favourite exercise/move: Deadlift
Favourite exercise / Best move: Deadlift
Weapon of choice: Barbell
Best Start to the day: Steak, eggs, avocado and coffee!
Favourite shake: Hulk shake
Most important supplement: Vitamin C
Theme tune: Kanye West power
Movie Inspiration: Saving private Ryan
A book to move you: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Motto: FEAR – Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise!
In your words – Why MK?: MK Health Hub is not just another gym that thinks of you as number! They provide a community and family feel that deliver results and care for each and every one of their members. There’s no other facility that’s caters for every health and fitness need!