Having trained with the Warrior Monks at the Shaolin Temple in Central China, Kris has always been a believer of your mind being the barrier to your body's abilities; overcome that and you can achieve even your most courageous goals. He also found his passion for running and has competed in multiple marathons across the world as well as Ultra Marathons. Most recently he placed 3rd amongst the foreign section in The World's Highest Ultra Marathon in The Himalayas.

He wants to show people what they're capable of and help guide them to push past their own barriers.
Once a positive mindset is achieved, the body transformation is easily accessible.

Favourite exercise / Best move: Hanging leg raises

Weapon of choice: Pull up bar

Best Start to the day: Overnight oats and an espresso!

Favourite shake: Mint choc Huel

Most important supplement: Vit B12 ( vegan life.._)

Theme tune: Foo Fighters - My Hero

Movie Inspiration: Kickboxer

A book to move you: Alan Watts -The way of Zen.

Motto: “Your feet will keep moving if your mind tells them to.”

In your words – Why MK?: MK comes out on top when it comes to health fitness and wellbeing. A fitness community that is autonomically powered from within is a community that will continue to thrive and prosper.