Sally has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years teaching group exercise, personal training and pre and post natal training. Her passion is Pilates. Pilates has been her focus for 18 years! She began teaching Dynamic Pilates at MK Health Hub in 2015 and is now a huge part of Dynamic Pilates development.

Favourite exercise / Best move: Pilates Reformer Mermaid

Weapon of choice: Reformer Tower

Best Start to the day: Greens smoothie with protein of course

Favourite shake: Workout Recovery

Most important supplement: Alkalive every day!

Theme tune: Notorious B.I.G – There's no easy way out - Rocky themetune.

Motto: Success is a journey, not a destination

In your words – Why MK?: The perfect place for anyone starting their Pilates journey to a better, more functional body! Bespoke small group and private sessions with the latest equipment, shipped from the states - it really is for everyone!