Wayne has a real passion for health & fitness helping many clients achieve their goals, inside and outside of the gym. He is always looking to broaden his knowledge around exercise and nutrition as he feels that is the key to giving his best to every client, every session.

Favourite exercise / Best move: Back Squat.

Weapon of choice: Barbell.

Best Start to the day: A glass of warm lemon water, followed by Avocado, Eggs and smoked Salmon :)

Favourite shake: Super Green Smoothie.

Most important supplement: Ultra Strong Multi-Vitamin.

Theme tune: ‘Lose Yourself’ - Eminem.

Movie Inspiration: Remember the Titans.

A book to move you: ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’.

Motto: 'You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!'

In your words – Why MK?: Why Not?! The level of high standards coupled with the vast experience of all the coaches and team drives you to perform at your highest level. The personal approach from the moment the members walk through the door to the time they leave, is nothing i’ve ever seen before. MK has raised the bar for the industry and has shown it’s in a league of their own :)