Alex Johnson

Alex’s passion began with a love for all sports from a young age. However he found himself injury prone and spending long periods of time in recovery after operations. This lead to a thorough interest in physiotherapy, sport development and leading a healthier lifestyle!

Alex studied Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) at Coventry University and began working in various hospitals alongside sports physio for West Bromwich Albion F.C. Alex is a wonderful team member of the MK Sport Medicine Clinic as an MK Physio and Health Coach.

Alex Johnson
Favourite exercise/move: Deadlift
Favourite exercise / Best move: Dumbbell shoulder press
Weapon of choice: Kettle bell
Best Start to the day: MK Whey Protein and oats smoothie
Favourite MK shake: Work out recovery
Theme tune: The Game – Get Up
Movie Inspiration: Pursuit of happiness
Motto: ‘Nothing worth having comes easy.’
In your words – Why MK?: MK provides a holistic approach to health and fitness, we give the client the knowledge and education to develop and reach their goals alongside positive coaching and motivation to maintain them!

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