Courtney Taylor

As a former champion of the UK 10 Dance Championships, Courtney knows only too well the hard work and determination required to achieve your goals.

Courtney brings a wealth of experience as a sports therapist alongside her health and fitness coaching.

Favourite exercise / Best move: Romanian Deadlift
Weapon of choice: Ab Wheel
Best Start to the day: Ballet Barre training, I like to keep elements of dancing in my training.
Favourite shake: Chocolate Bliss – I have a major sweet tooth!
Most important supplement: Glutamine, got to keep strength in those muscles!
Theme tune: Get up offa that thing – James Brown.
Movie Inspiration: The Rocky series
A book to move you: A Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Its an amazing read to push yourself to become greater.
Motto: Stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will’.
In your words – Why MK?: Why not MK?! With a team of highly experienced trainers, a gym full of expertly designed equipment, an amazing range of classes and lastly staff who will do their absolute best to help you achieve all you want from your training. I believe it’s the only health club around that provides the whole package!

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