Matt Worster

When Matt turned 18, he went on to spend 6 years in the military where he trained and looked after his entire squadron. Making sure their health and fitness was at the standard required. Matt joined the MK team in 2015, bringing high levels of motivation and passion to the team. Matt excels in high intensity training and body building. He has recently completed his first ever UKBFF competition and has more lined up!

Favourite exercise/move: Wall squat
Weapon of choice: sled
Best start to the day: HIIT
Favourite shake: Berry lean
Most important supplement: Protein
Theme tune: Titanium – Is this love landscape
A book to move you: 7 habits of highly effective people
Motto: Success never comes to those who quit.
In your words why MK? MK is a great place to get your work out fix. Friendly, welcoming and based on driving results!

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