Concerts & Tours

“Using MK we’ve been able to help our performers to be their very best on the night every night. The team ensure everyone in our production remains fit and healthy throughout every show. Fantastic!” – Emo UK

Helping you perform!

MK Health Hub offers a wide variety of expert services for performance artists including musicians and more physical events such as WWE wrestling stars.

Our professional and highly trained team tailor services to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s to keep your performer fully fit and flexible on a long tour, build energy and adrenalin just before hitting the stage or winding down and relaxing after that perfect performance, we are there to ensure they’re at their absolute best.

Our services include:

Sports massage therapy
On site fitness and pilates
Seated acupressure chair massage
Indian head massage
GP service (our medical doctor is available for support at shows or on tour)

Bands and celebs serviced by MK Health Hub


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