Ballet Barre

Ever wondered why professional ballerinas and dancers always look so fit and lean?

Well, the answer is simple …. a passion for what they do and access to the best strengthening programs and facilities available today.

We don’t expect you to become a ballerina or dancer (unless of course you want too!) but we can take you on a journey to achieve the physical conditioning we all admire.

Ballet Barre Solihull
Our Pilates Solihull and Ballet Barre programmes will empower you to discover your inner strength; transforming both mind and body into achieving a new and exciting physical well-being.

Your body will totally transform from the inside out: posture will improve, abdominals, back and buttocks will strengthen, becoming visibly more toned, while your arms and legs become leaner.


The ultimate combo of pilates and ballet that creates the long, lean, sculpted figures that dancers are so famous for.

Barre Booty
Streamline, firm and tighten your butt and thighs.

Barre Core
Shape and tone your entire mid section ready for summer.

Barre Sculpt
Our signature class is a low impact, total body programme with a combination of resistance and stretching for that longer looking, lean physique.


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