Our private coaching sessions are designed to give you tailored plans and routines to achieve your fitness goals FAST.

Beginning with an initial consultation, we’ll talk with you about your goals… your body… your diet, nutrition, and workout tendencies, and more…

And our professional trainers will create a custom-built program to guarantee you the results you want.

We are committed to you in both mind and body, we will help you build a healthy relationship with fitness, providing accountability and support every step of the way.

We can help with:

Fat Loss
Metabolic resistance training will maximise caloric expenditure and increase your metabolic rate. Our goal is to create EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) meaning your body uses more oxygen after exercise and you expend more calories for up to 24 hours afterwards. Long story short; your body loses fat, FAST.

Muscle Building
Our hypertrophy training programmes are designed to effectively increase lean muscle mass, size and strength. We manipulate the variables of training to keep your body guessing and maximise results.

Athletic Performance
We focus on improving strength, speed and power to enhance athletic performance, whilst ensuring functional flexibility and stability keep the body free from injury.

Pre/Post Natal
Our specialists are on hand to help you exercise safely and effectively through each trimester, ensuring your body is strong and healthy for the demands of childbirth and new motherhood.

It goes without saying that Nutrition is a hugely important part of any health and fitness regime.
We will work with you to integrate the right plan for you, into your busy lifestyle. We will provide you with all of the resources you need and help you stay on track.