Relaxation: the most overlooked aspect of achieving good health in modern life

Here at MK Health Hub, we live and breathe helping people live healthier lives. Nothing beats seeing our members turn up for a workout looking happy, confident and stress-free. But life isn’t always this way, and many of our trainers have seen the negative effects that life in the 21st century can cause to a person’s health.

Quite simply, many of us don’t have the ability to relax anymore. As technology moves forward and work comes home with via smartphones and tablets, we’re seeing an increasing number of people struggle to switch-off and create time for themselves.

Being busy all of the time is extremely unhealthy and cause a variety of health problems. First of all, those who follow packed schedules often profess that they don’t have the time to exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. Over an extended period of time, these factors have an adverse impact on a person’s physical health.

But the negative effects of a hectic life extend beyond the physical body. Those who don’t switch off can become overworked, which is bad for our mental health.

Thankfully, there are a few simple thing that everyone can do to ensure that relaxation becomes a regular component of our daily routines.

1. Sit and focus on your breathing

How often do you just sit and do nothing? Most people don’t spend any time with just themselves as company. We suggest establishing a morning habit of sitting in the quiet each morning to just focus on nothing but your breathing. It’s a fantastic method of waking with clarity and calm, which sets the tone for the rest of your day.

2. Exercise regularly

We’re obviously huge advocates of effective exercise here at MK Health Hub. We’ve seen many of our members transform themselves physically when they stick with a tailored exercise programme. In addition to the physical changes our members go through, regular exercise makes people feel more confident in their ability to handle challenges and achieve goals. This skill lends itself well to coping with the stresses and pressures that life can bring. Exercise truly is a life changer.

3. Do something you enjoy

Everyone should dedicate part of their day to doing something that they enjoy. This is hugely important and plays a vital part in helping us relax. Many people choose to play a sport, listen to music, or spend time with their family. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is, along as you enjoy doing it.


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