Sports Massage and Acupuncture

Sports Massage

non-members-welcome-150Sports massage should play an important part in the life of anyone regularly exercising, whether injured or not.

Sports massage will help maintain the body in a better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, cure and restore mobility and injured muscle tissue and boost performance!

You will feel stretched, have a breakdown of scar tissue, improved tissue elasticity, reduction in pain and feel relaxed!

Areas of particular expertise include manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. This includes massage, stretching and manipulative techniques to improve the range of joint movement and reduce pain. We also use acupuncture and electrotherapy to decrease pain and promote healing.

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Acupuncture is growing in popularity across the globe, and for good reason! Not only is acupuncture a long-term and natural solution to pain, it can help with stress, digestive issues, respiratory problems, headaches, difficulty sleeping and more. Your initial appointment with Alana consists of a consultation to answer questions and discuss any problem areas you would like to address, followed by your first treatment. A combination of techniques will be used, including acupuncture, electrical stimulation, cupping, heat therapy, myofascial release and massage. You will leave the appointment feeling warm, relaxed and in less pain!

About Alana

Alana attended a four-year Masters programme at the renowned Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. Predominantly focused on Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, the course also integrated remedial massage and numerous other healing techniques. The curriculum included Western medical classes such as anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical science, pharmacology, nutrition and ortho-neuro evaluation. Alana also had extracurricular internships and one-on-one training with some of the best Sports Medicine Acupuncturists in the United States. After completing over 900 hours of supervised clinical service, Alana graduated in 2014 with a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

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Consultation and First Treatment (Approx. 90 minutes) – £60*
Each Subsequent Treatment (Approx. 60 minutes) – £45
*MK Members receive £15 off their first treatment!


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