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Transform Your Life

21 Day Transformation

el-journo-21dayTransform your body in just 21 days with the latest metabolic training programs specifically designed to strip fat. We will require your commitment to 3 small group personal training sessions per week. Your coach will take your measurements each week to track your amazing progress. You will receive 21 days of nutrition guidance including meal plans and also receive a 1 day juice cleanse to detox and maximise your results!

The Ultimate Transformation


Imagine looking in the mirror at your body and being totally happy with what you see.

Tried different diets? Struggling to loose weight? Frustrated with lack of results?

What if we told you, better yet we GUARANTEED you that if you give us just 6 weeks of total commitment and hard work we will change your body forever?! The MK Ultimate Transformation has been created through 20 years of experience, education and development. We are trusted by Olympic Gold medalists, elite athletes in virtually every sport, plus celebrities and entertainment artists.

The package consists of 4 1-1 hour coaching sessions per week.
That’s 24 1-1 sessions in total, worth £1104.
These are sessions totally tailored to you and your body.

Based on your body, your metabolism and your lifestyle, you will receive the most thorough nutrition plan possible with every macro and micro nutrient tailored to your individual needs to ensure optimal results.

We also have the option for you to have all of your meals prepped for you!

This package has limited spaces so reserve your place today!

You will receive continuous outside session support from your coach to make sure that you are progressing E.V.E.R.Y. single day.

There is even a prize for the most dramatic transformation!

We are offering this to you for £999 however…

Book in advance to qualify for the early bird offer and pay only £899 to completely change your life.

Gary’s Transformation

Garys Transformation


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